VOTD: Wild Beasts, “A Simple Beautiful Mind”

What do you get when you take a dreamy electronic track, mix in synchronized dance moves, and set it all against a beautiful landscape? Well, just throw in some space-age light reflective jackets and you get the new Wild Beasts video for “A Simple Beautiful Truth.” Members Hayden Thorpe, Ben Little, Tom Fleming, and Chris Talbot pair robotic dance sequences with their harmonic lyrics and sweeping views of the British countryside in this new video. The awesome new track can stand steadily on its own and the simple video allows the viewer to focus on the music. The outfits and dance may seem silly but they match the futuristic feel of the track. This video is like a pleasant electronic dream, so press play and get ready to escape.

-Janice Freeman  

VOTD: Chrissie Hynde, “Dark Sunglasses”

Bummed that SXSW is now a whole year away? Don’t worry, Pretenders super-front-woman Chrissie Hynde has you covered. The video for Hynde’s first solo single “Dark Sunglasses” plays like a portrait series of alt-America small town life, featuring ATX’s inhabitants wearing (you guessed it) dark sunglasses. The track is catchy, well-made, and as friendly as the folksy folks about town. Warning: may make you desperately crave an organic burger.

-Kelsey Butterworth

VOTD: Sam Smith, “Stay With Me”

Sam Smith is the man of the moment. Hot off a sold out U Street Music Hall gig and SNL appearance, Smith just released the video for his latest single, Stay With Me. The track showcases Sam’s incredible vocal range as well as his ability to evoke an overwhelming amount of emotion. He steps away from his usual electro-pop sound for an acoustic ballad that conveys his yearning for love, showing that Sam Smith can truly do it all. The video features a distraught Smith walking through London after the presumable one-night stand referenced in the lyrics. He eventually finds himself in a church with a full choir that helps take the chorus of the “Stay With Me” to a whole other level. It’s sparse yet beautiful, making the anticipation for his debut album, In the Lonely Hour, even higher.

-Kelly McDonald

VOTD: The Orwells, “Let It Burn”

It is near impossible to articulate the electrifying energy that comes from The Orwells’ concerts, yet their video for “Let It Burn” covers epic footage from some of their recent UK tour. It also gives fans a taste of Mario Cuomo and the guys messing around and having a good time behind the scenes. From smoking their cigarettes, drinking beer and Mario’s favorite, red wine, to riding around in the van you feel like you are a part of what happens before the concert. 

This video and band clearly shows that punk rock is alive and well. So if no one’s explanation of an Orwells show has been able to express the crowd surfing, the opportunity to jump and dance around on stage, and the overall enthralling experience, I hope this video has you sold. I love that these guys continue to churn out music videos at a rapid pace (their video for “The Righteous One” just came out last month). Watch out for new videos that I’m sure with pop up in the next few months. And if these Chicago boys have already drawn you in, you only have a few months until June 3rd when their latest LP “Disgraceland” hits stores. From the sounds of this new song, the album will be worth purchasing.

-Lauren Rosalanko 

VOTD: Eagulls, “Possessed”

Lately, I have been really enjoying the abundance of garage punk revival music making its way onto the scene, so of course I’ve been listening to Eagulls’ self-titled debut. The video for “Possessed” explores more of the teenage angst they sing about, with a black and white montage of kids running around and setting stuff on fire in stolen shopping carts. Don’t you wish you were that cool? So turn up the volume and press play.  

-Sydney Sanial

VOTD: Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX - ‘Fancy’

If the VMAs still gave awards based on music video brilliance, Iggy Azalea would win some major moon men for “Fancy” ft. Charli XCX.  Our teenage dream, Beverly Hills fashion icon Cher Horwitz, played by 90s mega-babe Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, made having a digitized wardrobe the ultimate fantasy for pretty much every girl I know. So we salute you, Iggy for resurrecting the yellow plaid and knee high socks, tiny backpacks, taped up nose jobs, choker necklaces and hats as common accessories. It’s been far too long.

Whether or not the blonde Aussie bombshell should be revered for her rapping abilities is up to you to decide. But as far as concepts go, she absolutely nailed it with the video inspiration for “Fancy.” Perhaps Iggy will be the catalyst behind a 90s fashion revival, but the furry bucket hats? As if!

-Gia Del Prince

VOTD: Little Dragon - ‘Klapp Klapp’

Somewhere between Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead lives Little Dragon’s new video for “Klapp Klapp”. In it, we follow the journey of one mysterious voodoo woman in her quest through pillars of pink flame and zombies to perform a dark ritual that will resurrect her dead lover. 

That may seem like a lot for a 3 and half minute Little Dragon song, but the band pulls it off. “Klapp Klapp” retains a pitch black ambiance with its haunting synth/bass line and drives home its femme fatale calypso lyrics with a constant snare hit, all of which complements the anti-heroine’s sense of post-apocalyptic desperation. It turns out even dancey electronic jazz tracks have dark sides.

And now we know Little Dragon is responsible for the end of the world. Solid. 

-Spencer Swan 

VOTD: Death Grips - ‘No Love’

(Slightly NSFW)

Hoo boy, Death Grips. Anger distilled into industrial hip-hop with no hook, no beat, and no lyricism. Why? Apparently because they 1000% (which is a lot of percents) don’t give a fuck (on even numbered days), according to the yellow text crawl at the bottom of their video for “No Love”. Death Grips is one of those acts you have to try damn hard to like, but once you’ve allowed them to penetrate your head space, it’s tough not to see the genius beneath the madness. 

The video for “No Love” does the track justice in classic Death Grips style. The green and red layering will make your eyes water but when you add the yellow text on top, it may be enough to induce vomiting. Death Grips thrives on being loud, obnoxious, and in your face with everything they do. They want to make you sick. So really, what else did you expect? Give up and love them for it. 

-Spencer Swan

VOTD: HAIM - ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’

Okay, is there anything the three HAIM sisters can’t do? If you thought singing and shredding were the only things these ladies rock at, boy were you wrong. The new video for their track “If I Could Change Your Mind” shows that Danielle, Este, and Alana can also seriously dance. The choreography is fun, the girls are perfectly in-sync, and the moves match the 80s vibe of the track. And, the HAIM ladies are looking stylish as usual in black and white looks which play off awesomely against the red light and backdrop. But  enough talking already. Just press play and get ready to get down.

-Janice Freeman

VOTD: Bombay Bicycle Club - ‘Luna’

The luminescent single of the recently released album gets a video! Hooray!

Gentle splish splashing, possibly strangely over eager swimmers, a treatment similar to a Wes Anderson flick. Let’s do this. Prepare to move your hips while being treated to a lovely little routine. Happy Saturday, everyone!