VOTD: Atoms For Peace - ‘Ingenue’

Looks like “Lotus Flower” wasn’t enough movin’ and groovin’ for Thom Yorke. For the “Ingenue” video off of the Atoms for Peace debut Amok, Yorke adopts Japanese contemporary dancer Fukiko Takase to be his dance partner and body double. The video begins with shots of Yorke and Takase performing similar phrases of choreography, but the way the shots are edited - combined with their matching three-piece suits - make it hard to distinguish who is who. Once their separation becomes clear, their interactions with one another range from imitation to tender affection, replete with Yorke’s signature frantic dance moves. At this rate, it is only a matter of time until Thom Yorke-themed dance parties are thrown by hipsters worldwide…

-Nick Velleman

NEW TRACK: Solange - ‘Losing You’

It may sound like Madonna, but it’s not! Solange releases her new single, ‘Losing You’ on Terrible Records with the help of Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes.

The song bursts open with a funky beat that sounds like a lively party has just ensued. Joyful yelps, handclaps, and Solange’s rhythmic delivery groove energetically in a way that will get anyone dancing.

Then why does she sing, ‘Tell me the truth boy am I losing you for good’? The tone of the lyrics doesn’t exactly match the mood of the music, but it could be part of her strategy: drown out your sorrows with dance. Listen for yourself - who can be sad with a song this catchy?

-Nick Velleman

NEW TRACK: How to Destroy Angels — ‘Keep It Together’

Since taking a break from Nine Inch Nails in 2009, Trent Reznor has been busying himself with a plethora of side projects. Among them include crafting the Oscar-winning soundtrack for the film The Social Network and theme song for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Now, Reznor is jumping back into band rehearsal, revitalizing his 2010 side project How to Destroy Angels. Comprised of wife, Mariqueen Maandig, and Atticus Ross, the band released a new track, “Keep It Together.”

The track is drenched in Reznor’s signature style: lo-fi industrial rock, with hauntingly cooed vocals, provided by Maandig. Every now and then, Reznor chimes in, twining his low, brooding around hers. It’s part of the upcoming EP titled An Omen, slated for a November 13 release. 

-Yohana Desta

New Track: Tame Impala - Elephant

They’re back (!!) and with a sexy driving beat and loose psychedelia that makes you want to sway aggressively, head banging and limbs flailing with abandon. The added synth brings a new dimension to a song that sounds decidedly vintage on the forefront, like a little bit of musical time travel mid-way through the track!

We’re also a sucker for a dropp-off ending that leaves us anxious for a repeat listen. 

Tame Impala’s new album, Lonerism, is due out in the US on October 9th. Jump on the pre-order here

VOTD: Santigold - ‘Disparate Youth’ because it’s about damn time we had some Santigold to groove to in time for what we are sure will be a sweltering Spring/Summer. This track gives us what Ms. Santi White does best, chilled out vibes, beats that shimmer, but something of a darker undertone that adds a little more depth than the average dance floor jam. This track not only leaves us in serious anticipation of Master of My Make Believe out May 1st, but also for her show at the club (which will certainly be sold out very soon) on June 18th.

VOTD: Dum Dum Girls - ‘Coming Down’ for the dreamy Mazzy Star vibe mixed with the passionate vocal depth that gives us lovely shades of The Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde. Dum Dum Girls have been a favorite of ours since their set at Merriweather supporting Vampire Weekend a couple years back, and they have been frequenting the District steadily since then playing shows at our neighboring venues. If you haven’t checked out their latest record, Only In Dreamsdo yourself a favor and pick it up. You couldn’t ask for a better soundtrack to your Spring/Summer.

Continuing to bask in the success of his critically acclaimed album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, France’s hottest dream-pop export Anthony Gonzalez (M83) has announced the release of his Reunion EP, where other buzz bands, such as The Naked and Famous & Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., remix the third track from his hit album with their own fresh spin. 

For your listening pleasure is Mylo’s remix which successfully adds a some extra disco dust. Truth be told, it has our attention (and our asses moving) and we are looking forward to hearing what the other artists have to offer.

While we are already greedily ready for Gonzalez’s next effort, we can settle for new perspectives on a smashing song that helped to earn our love.

The Reunion EP will be released on May 8th by Mute.


1) Reunion (Album version)
2) Reunion (The Naked and Famous remix)
3) Reunion (Sei A remix)
4) Reunion (Polly Scattergood remix)
5) Reunion (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. remix)
6) Reunion (Mylo remix)
7) Reunion (White Sea remix)


“Hey Jane” is the first track released from Spiritualized’s forthcoming LP, Sweet Heart Sweet Light.

"I won’t let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me,’ the official video for Jack White’s ‘Love Interruption’ has been released, and just in time for all of you who share the sentiment this Valentine’s Day.

If you think the idea of an abduction performed by adorable alien colonial children  seems charming…think again! Get your dose of weird (and a hip shaking tune) with Miike Snow’s new video for ‘Paddling Out.’