VOTD: MS MR - ‘Fantasy’

It seems just fifteen minutes ago I was talking about Ms Mr’s Tumblr roll and now they’re on Columbia Records. You know who else just got signed to Columbia Records? Daft Punk. Did you see Ms Mr when they preformed at the Gibson Guitar Showroom last summer? They stole the show from Alex Winston. Did you see them open for Marina and the Diamonds? How about Grouplove? All three of those 9:30 Club shows were Sold Out. It’s no surprise that their song “Bones” turned up in a preview for the season three of Game of Thrones.

The video for “Fantasy”, the first single off their major label debut, Secondhand Rapture, has all the high production flare that comes with being on a major record label. Their tumbles are now concise dark pop anthems with a specific vision. If there is glitter spewing out of the mouths of cheerleaders in their new video, what’s going to happen on this festival stage?

-Ian Signore