VOTD: Fred Armisen & Friends - ‘Waterfalls’ (TLC Cover)

The latest in WHY WASN’T I THERE?! moments, at a recent Brooklyn show, Fred Armisen + a wonderfully random supergroup took on “Waterfalls” by TLC (rap and all!) in epic sing-a-long fashion. Armisen invited up members from such bands as Sixpence None the Richer, Telekineses, Yo La Tengo, Bow Wow Wow, and Nada Surf, plus Marnie Stern, to tackle the 90s classic. Between their matching all-white attire and chill, playful rendition of a song you always gotta sing along to, the performance will certainly leave you with a smile on your face! Even putting a bird on it couldn’t make this performance cooler.

-Samantha Turnbull

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