FAN FAVORITES: Best Shows of 2012

Big thanks to all of you who submitted your favorite shows! This week we will post a new one each day and the author will win a pair of tickets to one of our 2013 shows!

Passion Pit w/ Young Blood Hawke and Arms

Arms, Young Blood Hawke, and Passion Pit rocked it out on October 14th at 930, making it my favorite show of the year. I usually don’t go for Sunday night shows, but the second those tickets went on sale, my best friend and I jumped at the chance to take a break from midterms and jam out to some of our favorite bands. Thanks to a bit of overzealousness we got to 9:30 Club pretty early, and ended up with front and center spots for the show! Arms did an amazing job capturing the crowd’s attention, and Young Blood Hawke got everyone hyped up and moving. “We Come Running” was a barrage of live percussion, drum beats, and wild dancing, complete with up-close-and-personal encounters with the band members as they ran through the crowd. Starting off with “Take A Walk” and ending with “Little Secrets,” Passion Pit’s entire set list was a full-on dance party, a mix of the old and new that left “Gossamer” and “Chunk of Change” fans alike more than satisfied. Michael Angelakos was all smiles and jokes, dancing around stage and playing keyboards as he belted out his songs. Looking around, as Passion Pit played and the spotlights flashed different colors, the packed house was a multicolored sea of dancing; jumping and swaying as everyone, including myself, sang along word-for-word with the band. All around, perfection.

-Michelle Katz

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